Mounting Options

Most customers mount our controllers using the flange mounts built into the enclosure.  That works great for one controller, but when you’re installing multiple controllers, relays, or devices from other manufacturers, SnapTrack or DIN Rail is great option to make the installing quick and tidy.

All our relay boards and products with metal enclosures are designed to fit snugly into 2.75″ SnapTrack. SnapTrack is the gray plastic channel seen below.  It can be screwed directly to a mounting surface or mounted to standard 35mm DIN rail with optional clips.


We sell the SnapTrack and DIN Rail Clips in our store as a convenience for our customers, but it’s not something we really make any money on.  Feel free to acquire it at one of the sources below.

SnapTrack (48 inch length, easily cut): Digi-Key / Mouser
SnapTrack DIN Rail Clips: Digi-Key / Mouser
DIN Rail (1 Meter length): Digi-Key / Mouser