Two New Effects Added To Director

We’ve added 2 new effects to Director as well as accompanying tutorial videos on how to use them. Flicker Effect and Speech Sync (Digital) Effect.

Flicker Effect

The default behavior for this effect is to emulate a burning candle. You’ll get the small flickers like a real candle would burn, and also disturbances (such as a breeze blowing the flame). You can also use the Power Outage preset. This emulates the scenario of when you experience brown outs during power outages. The disturbances in this case, is when you get a drop in voltage and your light dims for a short period of time before coming back to full brightness.


Speech Sync (Digital)

As implied by the name, this effect is very similar to the Speech Sync effect. The major difference is that this effect uses digital outputs. You would use digital outputs for speech when using, for example, props controlled by pneumatic pistons. Timing for the mouth movements differ a little, so the options for this effect reflect that. Take a look at the tutorial video to get an idea of how to use it.